Reviews & Testimonials

Find out what Stronghold ICF block users really think about our revolutionary Insulating Concrete Form System in Canada & the USA

Here at Stronghold, we realize that word-of-mouth is the best recommendation, and that to grow, to improve, we need to listen to our Contractors & builders of ICF homes. We love reviews & constructive comments, here are some we’ve received already, add yours, we’d love to hear from you.

Quote of the Month


"I would like to thank Stronghold for providing the information & support upon making my decision to build with ICFs. Before finding them, I was undecided what would be the best building method to go with to keep my family safe from natural disasters & lower our environmental footprint. We couldn’t be happier with choosing to build our home with Stronghold ICF."

Terena, Homeowner

British Columbia

What Others Have to Say


“Blowouts, bulging foam and gaps between courses have always been a constant worry on our ICF building projects - until now.”

Jim, Installer


“It's great to see the moisture control solutions that Stronghold has patented and brought to market. Moisture management in ICFs has been an ongoing issue for years. Their low-cost integral solution sets a new bar that is a welcome addition to the industry."

Maureen, Architect


"Stronghold offered not only great products, but we really appreciated their professional advice and expertise in helping us with a complicated project."

Shawn, Installer