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The Stronghold ICF Difference

Stronghold ICF was designed & developed to build Straight, Trouble-free walls - Helping Contractors to have the confidence to Build their Business with Insulated Concrete Forms.

Stronghold ICF is a patented Insulated Concrete Form block, with a mission that aligns with what contractors value - building trust by helping our customers build their reputations, profit margins and peace of mind.

Some of Our Industry Leading Insulated Concrete Form Features


The Stronghold ICF Difference

Say NO to Spending Hundreds of Dollars on Extras to Make the Other Insulated Concrete Form Brands Work - Say YES to Stronghold!

We’ve all been there, building with insulated concrete forms that go together quickly, but then spending extra hours & dollars adding strapping “just in case” to those corners & T-walls. Well, say “Goodbye” to being nervous about ICF, & “Say Hello” to Stronghold!

Stronghold ICF are the first insulated concrete forms to address Blowouts in our design for a reason, because we know this is the “Elephant in the Room” for most ICFs, and the biggest reason many contractors have lacked the confidence to build with ICF – Until Now! The Stronghold design specifically cages the concrete in, making the concrete pour a routine part of building beautiful high efficiency homes to LEED, Passive House, Net Zero standards & beyond. Build with Confidence with ICF, Build with Stronghold.

Stronghold ICF Solves Your ICF Problems

  • Designed to build Straight, Trouble-free Walls
  • Thicker foam combats pillowing or bulging
  • Tall rebar chairs for less rebar congestion
  • Dual diagonal internal corner braces for extra support in tough pours
  • 1.5" wide continuous webs lock together to resist settling or floating
  • Longer corners help prevent movement or gaps
  • Thick flanges (8" o.c.) allows for easy and secure fastening
  • Unprecedented reinforcement provides corner support for any finish
  • Super-strong power strips on all corners for unparallelled corner strength
  • Reversible corner block design for insanely fast builds

Stronghold ICF Products

From our FX-Series of Insulated Concrete Form blocks, through to the FD+ Series, Stronghold delivers an outstanding product direct to site from your local premium manufacturing facility, saving time, saving money, and ensuring Contractors get the Quality they need at the Price they want. Building better ICF walls starts here, Choose Stronghold ICF products below:

FX Series

Fixed Web Blocks

FD Series

Folding FD Web Blocks

FD+ Series

Folding FD Blocks with Electrical Chases & Internal Drainage Planes

ICF Accessories

Accessories for Stronghold ICF Products

The Stronghold ICF Difference

Every Insulated Concrete Form manufacturer says their ICF Block is the Best, interesting then that Stronghold was born from many years of frustrating ICF construction experience on job-sites, trying to make other ICF brands work how they should. The Stronghold ICF block was specifically designed to benefit from this knowledge & put it to good use, a philosophy embraced by some of the highest quality ICF molders in North America. Knowing the quality of ICF block required to build straight concrete walls without gaps, bulges, blowouts, or the huge amount of time & extra money typically spent on wood strapping & screws is what makes Stronghold ICF confidently different. What also makes us different is that we listen to our Contractors. If you have any suggestions for improvements or additions to the Stronghold range of ICF blocks & products, we’d love to hear from you here.

Here’s a list of the current Stronghold ICF design advantages:

  • Robust reversible interlock
  • Webs that lock together every 8" vertically
  • Continuous 1.5" wide webs, plastic on plastic
  • Vertical cut lines on the blocks that are really 1" apart
  • Rebar holders that allow for a contact splice and grip the bars
  • Rebar holders that allow up to #7 bar or 20mm
  • Corners with 2 diagonal webs that lock with webs at both ends
  • FX fixed blocks 6" & 8"
  • FD foldable blocks 4", 10", and 12" (coming soon!)
  • Laminated internal drainage planes in the FD foldable block
  • Internal standing seam support
  • Bottoms of skids have plastic skid sheet
  • Extra long corner blocks
  • Corners with 2 heavy horizontal fastening straps
  • Radius inside corners or square inside corners
  • 4 vertical fastening webs at all corners
  • 2.75" foam panels, 1.5lb density
  • 4" tall height adjusters with webs that lock, can have center webs
  • 8" tall half height blocks with adjustable center webs
  • 12" tall 3/4 height blocks with adjustable center webs
  • Extra corner insurance, horizontal bands for strength
  • FD foldable blocks with electrical chases 16" oc
  • Horizontal cut lines 1' apart
  • Custom horizontal zip ties that fit through the webs
  • Tops of bundles are covered with cardboard

Current Projects & News for Stronghold ICF

Stronghold is all about Community – Building better homes & neighborhoods - we stand Strong with Contractors who are proud of their work. We showcase outstanding Stronghold ICF projects as they progress below. Tag your photos on social media with #strongholdicf and we'll share the best.

Reviews & Testimonials

Here at Stronghold ICF, we realize that word-of-mouth is the best recommendation, and that to grow, to improve, we need to listen to our Contractors & builders of ICF homes. We love reviews & constructive comments, here are some we’ve received already, add yours, we’d love to hear from you.


"Stronghold offered not only great products, but we really appreciated their professional advice and expertise in helping us with a complicated project."

Shawn, Installer


"I would like to thank Stronghold for providing the information & support upon making my decision to build with ICFs. Before finding them, I was undecided what would be the best building method to go with to keep my family safe from natural disasters & lower our environmental footprint. We couldn’t be happier with choosing to build our home with Stronghold ICF."

Terena, Homeowner

British Columbia

Do You Fight Your ICFs?

  • Do you end up babysitting your ICFs to make them work?
  • Did your last install have separated seams and bulging?
  • Is settling of the forms a hassle and irritation?
  • Do you worry about blowouts?
  • Do you struggle with fastening siding in the corners?
  • Is compensating for inferior products eating your time and profits?

Make the Switch to the ICF that makes YOUR Job easier!

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Say no to spending hundreds of dollars on extras to make the other ICF brands work.

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