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Technical Advantages and Specifications for Stronghold ICF Blocks

From our FX-Series of ICF blocks, through to the FD+ Series, Stronghold delivers an outstanding product direct to site from your local premium manufacturing facility, saving time, saving money, and ensuring Contractors get the Quality they need at the Price they want. Stronghold ICF blocks are designed to build straight, trouble-free walls - discover the Technical Advantages and Specifications for Stronghold ICF blocks..

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Stronghold ICF Blocks Product and Technical Overview for Canada & USA

Stronghold ICF Blocks are designed to make your job easier and less stressful.

  • Vertical locking webs keep blocks locked together.
  • Standard 2.75" (70 mm) foam panel wall assembly provides up to R-Value of 24.
  • Reversible interlock equals less waste.
  • No left or right corners to track.
  • Horizontal and vertical cut lines make cutting easier.
  • Tall rebar holders allow for stacked contact splicing.

Reduce Your Costs & Your Stress

Contractors are expected to make things work even with products that have deficiencies. Stronghold ICF fixes deficiencies so you don’t have to.

  • Strongest corners in the industry. Internal and external built-in support.
  • Built in web locks that lock the courses together for straighter walls - eliminating the requirement for vertical wires or ties.
  • No wall truss wire straighteners required to keep walls straight.
  • Full height webs that touch plastic to plastic to stop irritating settling of walls during concrete pours.

Premium Foldable ICF Blocks

Stronghold developed foldable ICF blocks because that’s what contractors want. Stronghold ICF fixes deficiencies so you don’t have to.

  • Easy to adjust height of center webs.
  • Foldable block(s) means more per truck load.
  • Removable nail hinge pins allow for the adjustment of central webs for placement through heavy rebar grids.

Adjustable and Adaptable Center Webs

Stronghold ICF Blocks Adjustable Center Webs Canada & USA

Adjustable Center Webs
With a hammer, webs can be moved up or down in 2” increments and then locked.

Stronghold ICF Blocks Adaptable Center Webs Canada & USA

Adaptable Center Webs
Stronghold can adapt to fit your specific project. No matter where your rebar is positioned, webs can be removed and inserted through heavy rebar mats.

Stronghold ICF Blocks - In the Sizes and Shapes Most Needed

Designed by Architects and Contractors to meet your needs on any project.


Straight Blocks
Straight Blocks (16" tall). Fixed (FX) Series available in 6" and 8". Premium Series Folding (FD) available in 4”–12”


Straight 1/2 Height Blocks
Straight ½ Height Blocks (8" tall). Premium Series Folding (FD) Blocks available in 4”–12”


Straight 3/4 Height Blocks
Straight FX Series ¾ Height Blocks (12" tall). Premium Series Folding (FD) available in 4”–12”


Height Adjusters
4” Height Adjuster Blocks (with or without center webs) 48” long.


90° Corner Blocks
90° Corner Blocks (16" tall). Fixed (FX) Series available in 6" and 8". Premium Series Folding (FD) available in 4”–12”


45° Corner Blocks
45° Corner Blocks (16" tall). Fixed (FX) Series available in 6" & 8". Premium Series Folding (FD) available in 6” & 8”


Brickledge Blocks
Brickledge Blocks & Double Brickledge Blocks (16" tall) Folding (FD) available in 4”–12”


Flat Top Blocks
Flat Top Blocks & Double Flat Top Blocks Fixed (FX) available in 6” & 8” Folding (FD) available in 4”–12”


T-Blocks (16" tall) Available in 6" to 6" and 8" to 8"


Taper Top Blocks
Single Taper Top Blocks & Double Taper Top Blocks (16" tall) Fixed (FX) available in 6" & 8" Folding (FD) available in 4”–12”


Transition Blocks
Transition Blocks (16", 12", 8", and 4" tall). Folding (FD) available in 4”–12”


End Caps
End Caps (with webs). Available in 6" and 8"

Stronghold ICF Blocks - Sizing Specs

Sizing Specifications for Straight and 90° Corner Blocks for Stronghold Insulating Concrete Forms.

Stronghold ICF Blocks Sizing Specifications - Canada and USA
Stronghold ICF Blocks Sizing Specifications - Canada and USA